The Strongest Citrus Solvent On the Market.

Few stains are more common than petroleum-based stains such as gum, glue, paint and grease. These stains are extremely difficult to remove without a powerful citrus solvent. And no product is as strong as Newline’s Natural Orange DS.

Natural Orange DS is 96% d’Limonene, which is the highest percentage d’Limonene in the market. Try Natural Orange DS today and watch the most difficult paints, gums and glues disappear.

Featured Products


Firestorm is one of the strongest pre-spray’s on the market.  With loads of citrus solvent built right into the pre-spray, Firestorm is sure to clean even the dirtiest carpets.


Few pre-sprays have had the staying power like Prochem’s Ultrapac.  A concentrated pre-spray with a pleasant mint fragrance makes Ultrapac an ideal product.


Benefect’s Botanical Disinfectant is the perfect product for any mold or water-damage situations.  It’s no-rinse, no-wipe policy makes it extremely easy to use for anyone.


Spice Splash has quickly become one of the most popular deodorizers at The Cleaner’s Depot.  It has an apple-cinnamon fragrance that’s attractive to all homeowners.

Stain Removal Made Easy

There is nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than a stain in the middle of their living room carpet. Every single time they walk past that dropped red wine, Kool-Air or coffee, all sorts of negative emotions rush to the forefront of their minds. That’s why when you, Mr. Carpet Cleaner, remove that stain, they […]

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Learn everything you need to know about drying structures and materials in this 5-day combo class. You’ll get the Water Restoration Technician (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD) certifications over the course of this class.

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